“I absolutely loved going to counselling with Laurie! I started with relationship counselling and progressed to one on one. I have never felt so complete after seeing her. I found my core and had self realizations. I have bettered myself and became a more self loving aware person”


“Even though I am a social worker by profession and had done a lot of work on myself, I did not know what to do with the pain I had experienced with the recent loss of my daughter. I had not heard of Reichian Therapy. Laurie’s genuine, trusting approach, skilled experiences, and integrated body work, helped me step through the pain and regain my passion for life.”

V. N.

“Reichian Therapy is very healing. I found it really got to the “root” of my actions and feelings. The therapy was very gradual- the first couple sessions just scratching the surface. As therapy continued, sessions would burrow more and more into my core. I have had experience with councillors throughout my childhood into my early twenties, but Laurie and her Reichian therapy has been, by far, the most successful. I continue to look deeper within myself everyday and grow as a person thanks to Laurie”