Reichian Therapy

Reichian Therapy, named after the pioneering therapist Wilhelm Reich, is a highly integrated and comprehensive approach. It resolves symptoms and their underlying causes which are based on the person’s life experience: especially the difficult childhood experiences, which remain only partly integrated. A self-repeating unconscious pattern forms around these experiences, which is why clients so frequently feel “stuck” or “trapped” or “going nowhere”, confused, etc. Psychologically, the pattern involves the self-image, attitude, inner voice, dreams, and manner of expression. Physically the pattern is anchored in chronic muscular tensions (which Reich called “armour”) which directly reflect and contain the person’s inner psychological conflicts. The armour prevents full respiration, bodily sensation and full expression of emotion. The body work of Reichian Therapy reverses the process, gets the person breathing and therefore moving emotionally. As the armour gently dissolves, the positive core aspects of the person take over from the “false self” of the armour.

Restored contact with the core allows self-transparency. Actions are now undertaken knowingly and willingly – an important goal of therapy along with contact with the love of life.